Wise Heart Center for Psychotherapy

Adult & Couples Therapy

Adult Therapy

My approach with adults is based on developing mutual respect and a meaningful relational connection. I believe that relationship is everything when it comes to working with my clients. In developing a trusting relationship, you will have Therapy Issaquah WAa safe place to bring your fears, emotions, your deepest longings for what will make you whole. A place where you can work through trauma, anxiety, depression, troublesome thoughts, or the deep pain of loss.

I work with women who are trying to free themselves from the grip of alcoholism or other addictions. I also have special interest in helping those with serious terminal illness, find a path to peace in the days they have left here on this earth. In this case, I am available to visit outside of my office to a place more comfortable and appropriate such as hospice care.

Couples Therapy

Successful relationships require skill and practice. Human relationships are complex as we each experience life from our own unique perspective.

My approach to couples therapy is in providing space for talking through, in a safe way, the challenges you are facing. The goal is to deepen the understanding of both the self and the other and in so doing, create a stronger connection. With this connection, you can then better clarify your needs and desires for what you want your life to look like in healthy partnering and how you can best share your journey together.